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Exploring Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion in Barcelona, Spain

I’m James Rundquist, a 22-year-old web developer, designer, maker of things, and understander of stuff. I currently live in Atlanta Georgia and am working on degree in computer science at Georgia Tech focusing on Artificial Intelligence and HCI. Recently I have been spending a lot of time on my startup, CourseShark, which helps students plan their class schedules, and recruiters find great tallent. Some day I hope to own a yacht.

I have been working with computers since I was about 6 or 7, mostly teaching myself through online tutorials or textbooks lying around my house. Working my way through personal projects, or class assignments I have learned quite a few languages.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • jQuery
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • OpenCV libraries
  • LabView

In my free time I am either working on of my own projects, browsing the internet, watching Futurama, playing squash, hanging out with friends, or none of those.

Past Work


Web Development

What's Up Interactive Intern / Support / Developer / Researcher

What's Up Interactive Logo
What's Up Interactive » Interactive Marketing Agency

In Fall of 2008, as a senior in high school, I landed my first web development job as an intern at What’s Up Interactive, an interactive marketing agency in Atlanta. Starting out as an intern, I was tasked with handling support claims and minor updates to client’s websites. I was also given time to pursue further research into the then just emerging mobile web field. With the iPhone gaining in popularity it was imperative that the company keep up with mobile web development. Leading the research efforts, I developed a set of standards and guidelines that would be used internally when developing mobile websites.

While still an intern, I developed new internal tools that were used by management to create proper billing reports and better manage clients. This involved reverse engineering the closed source Kayako install that stored all the client billing information. Additionally, I created web—based time tracking software for all employees to use, allowing finer logging of an employee’s time on projects and tasks.

Since my days as the lowly intern, I have worked on projects ranging from local news stations to the Georgia Lottery website, and even the Georgia Aquarium. My work for What’s Up Interactive includes a complete rebuild of a code base used to create and quickly deploy dating websites for clients. This refactoring brought the site up to the MVC design paradigm being used in many PHP based sites these days, and was completed from scratch.

Ninja Multimedia Freelance Developer / Server Setup

Ninja Multimedia
Ninja Multimedia

The majority of work I have done for Ninja Multimedia has been for Caravel Group Inc in developing an internal system that was to be used to manage conferences, meetings, and their attendees, including travel arrangements. This system was build with PHP/MySQL atop a custom MVC framework.

ProExel Server Setup & Management

Ninja Multimedia

Most recently ProExel contacted me to migrate their website from a Windows based server to a new Linux based server more capable of handling the loads they needed.

Fun Projects



CourseShark Project Screenshot

My most recent project. A website I designed and built that reads college course catalogs and presents the class listings in an easy to use interface. Notifications can be sent to users when seats become available.


Localizer Project Screenshot

The Localizer is a project I developed in a User Interface Design course at Georgia Tech. It is all javascript based, and is meant to demonstrate an interface for a geo-location question/answer community, to be used by visitors to the location. It was developed while I was studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Twitter Visualization

Twitter Location Log Project Screenshot

Twhere in Tweet Tworld, as we came to call it, is another group project that we developed to analyze the language and geo-spacial information of tweets collected over a 24-hour period. The tweets were collected using a custom PHP script. The map interface was custom built and the charts and graphs were built with the help of D3.

Character Builder

Character Creator Project Screenshot

This is the redesign of the online Character Creator and manager for Untold the game by Ignitus Innovations. The new interface is much cleaner, sticking with a minimalist design, allowing the user to easily see just the information they need at any point and time. The interface was built with Javascript, taking advantage of LocalStorage and SessionStorage, along with storing data server side through ajax calls.

T-Square Restyle

T-Square Retheme

At Georgia Tech we use a website known as t-square for course resources. This website has a horrible design that approaches unusable. I spent a few hours and re-skinned the website using a custom css overlay applied via StyleBot.

Pacman for GBA

Pacman Game

This is a recreation of the classic Pacman game for the Game Boy Advanced. As a class project it was built on a tight schedule, but functions very similiarly to the actual pacman game. It was built in C, and uses all custom graphics and dynamically drawn maps.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision Example

Having always been interested in computer vision, even once building my own Augmented Reality marker locating library from scratch, I took a class at Georgia Tech on the topic, and was officially introduced to a wide range of topics and algorithms in the field.

Doctors Office Software

Python Search Engine

Dr. Doom Management, was a project for a class on software architecture and object oriented design. Our task was to develop a tool that could be used in a doctor's office to manage patient's medical history, appointments, and general records, including storage of all the information, and a functioning login system.

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